100% Loan To Value

YES. It is possible to borrow 100% of the value of a property.

This can be accomplished in several ways:

➢ When a Borrower owns several properties it is possible to get a 100% loan by placing a blanket deed of trust against the property being purchased and the properties already owned. See Example 4 of Examples

➢ By getting the Seller to carry back a Seller Financed Second for 35% of the sales price we can loan 55% which then totals 90%. Then by placing a deed of trust against equity in another property or taking an assignment of a deed of trust receivable, we can loan an additional 10% to get to 100%.

➢ Since we count exchanges of property as down payments, by exchanging something of verifiable value to the Seller and/or the Real Estate Broker as part of the commission, you can satisfy our 10% equity requirement. Then with a combination of an Asset Based Loan and a Seller carrying back a Seller Financed Second, 100% financing can be achieved.