I am often asked, WHY LEARN CREATIVE REAL ESTATE?”.  My answer is, “not everyone should–in fact, there are six good reasons NOT to Learn Creative Real Estate”.  These reasons are:

  1. You have sold every listing that you have ever taken.
  2. You have never had a transaction “DFT” because the Lender didn’t like the property.
  3. You have never had a transaction “DFT” because the Buyer didn’t meet the Lender’s credit standards.
  4. You have never had a Seller of an “un-financeable property” say they would only sell for cash.
  5. You have never had a Seller reject an offer using “Seller Financing” because the down payment didn’t provide enough cash.
  6. You don’t sell land, small commercial properties, automotive properties, homes needing repair, mobile homes with or without land, recreational cabins or business opportunities.

If you can say yes to each of the above six reasons, there is no need for you to Learn Creative Real Estate, and you can stop reading now!

However, if you answered no to any of these six reasons, then you have missed an opportunity to earn a commission and serve the needs of your clients!

I am a great believer in doing things the simple way.  Therefore, when you have a Buyer with excellent credit, a large down payment, with a secure and documentable income, the simple (and probably the best) solution is financing the sale of the property with a loan from a bank. This is particularly true now, in early 2011, with interest rates at historic lows and home affordability at its highest on record.

bank loansUnfortunately, the banks have now locked the barn since the horses have been stolen and loan underwriting is as difficult as I have ever seen in my 49 year career in real estate.  It seems like underwriters are looking for almost any excuse to say “no” and even when they say “yes” they seem to only do so after completely exhausting the patience of the Buyer/Borrower.

For Real Estate Professionals who understand the principles of Creative Real Estate, this is Great News! The complexity of bringing a willing Buyer together with a willing Seller, and closing a transaction today, is simply beyond the knowledge level of most Buyers and Sellers trying to do it on their own.

And even for Real Estate Professionals who have spent their entire career working in the relatively easy money environment of the past 20 years, the task may seem daunting.  But it is important to remember that there were real estate transactions even before money was invented and long before the first bank ever opened its doors.Asset Based Loans  While I wasn’t around that long ago, when I began my career in Fairbanks in 1962, less than 1/3rd of our transactions involved bank financing.  I can therefore personally attest to the fact that it is possible to earn a living and service your client’s needs even when bank financing is difficult to secure!

START LEARNING CREATIVE REAL ESTATE TODAY!  If you are not already comfortable using Creative Real Estate to close transactions–click on the GET STARTED tab of our home page.