Mortgage Investing

Although the purpose of this website is to explain our loan programs to potential Borrowers, we know that many potential Borrowers have money in Individual Retirement Accounts and other pension funds that aren’t even earning enough to cover inflation. That’s why we added this section to give you information on the opportunity to Invest in Private Mortgages.


cashshakedownMost investors who don’t want much risk or management hassles are seeing their savings stagnate with Bank Certificates of Deposit paying 1% or less and Government Bonds paying from less than 1% to about 3%, depending on maturity. Even if the Official Government Inflation Rate of only 2% is accurate, most investors are losing money after inflation and taxes on their savings. Assume that you invest $50,000 in a 10 year Government Bond, your real return after tax is a LOSS OF $250!

$50,000 x 2% = $1,000
Less: 2% Inflation x $50,000 = ($1,000)
Less: 25% tax on $1,000 = ($250)
REAL RETURN = ($ 250)

Asset Based LoansHowever, if you believe in Alaska Real Estate, you can invest in Private Mortgages secured by Alaska Real Estate that earn 5% to 10% interest. And the good news is that this is a “Hassle Free” investment, and because your Investment to Value Ratio is 50% or less, your investment risk is low!